Business Intelligence Tools


Training and consulting on Business Intelligence and Visualization tools. We help you pull out insights from your reports and analyze them.

Data Analytics Consulting


Cleaning, Loading, Extracting and Transforming your Data. Then Analyzing it to monetize and recognize your hidden values from your Dark Data.

Analytical Tool Development


Supporting your teams to develop cutting edge Analytical tools using Python, R and Knime to develop cost-effective Analytical insights for your Organization. 

Experience a complete transformation of your outlook on data


Find the True color of Data

Turn your great ideas into solutions which would see your organization move forward into the Digital Age as a leader. Today the business environment is moving towards a Digital Age.

Are you monetizing your data enough to pull out more value / revenue from it? 

  • What are the underlying Analytical solutions? 
  • Is there a simpler better way to present your data to your customer? 
  • Is there another way you can simplify your codes and pull out more from it?
  • Are there other markets you have not explored to generate revenue?

We help you Analyze your existing data and scrape through the Internet and look at other competitive data map it with your own predictive analytics and help you answer the above questions and more.

The environment is completely Dynamic today and organizations need to continuously evolve and create new value day in and day out. For themselves and their customers. Transformation is required and to do this transformation we need experience, great data scientists, strategists, and change makers. 

At Analytics Domain our focus is to get you to your desired goals within the optimum effort and schedule. We train, we mentor, we guide and hone your skilled professionals and processes to generate results.