about the course


Course Overview


This course introduces the Participants to concepts of Data Analytics, Data mining techniques and the underlying statistics that support Machine Learning and AI. 

The course is vast and each topic of training is divided into modules so that participants can learn, understand and practice each module and develop mastery of the same. 


Learning Outcomes By the end of the course:

  1.  Deploy a structured life cycle approach to Data Analytics projects 
  2. Select visualization techniques and tools to analyze big data and create statistical models 
  3. Use tools such as Python and KNIME to develop analytical applications. 


Technical Skills normally picked up by trainees during the Training

  1.  Advanced Statistics
  2. Python and its libraries like - Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Scipy, Plotly, Bokeh etc., 
  3. Advanced Excel
  4. Machine Learning Techniques
  5. Data Visualization Tools and Reporting tools such as Qlikview and Data Studio
  6. KNIME Analytics Platform
  7. Predictive Analytics tools & Text Analytics Tools

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