Social Media Analytics

The Social Media Analytics Bootcamp


Social Media Analytics

(Duration: 10 days) 

Highly customizable as per industry requirements.

We learn to create Social and Technological Networks and study its behavior within its environment and with different constraints. 

The course contains a heavy dose of Visual Analytics and Behavioral sciences with statistics and human psychology. 

It will use Analytics extensively to Design, Measure Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Netflix and several recommender systems such as Amazon and Pandora. 

Understand Web graph. The curriculum will lead you to understand several models which  constitute the Social Media. 

Key take outs of this course: 

1. Understand Market Basket Analysis and Branding in the context of Social Media

2. Use Statistical Modeling to derive click analytics, A/B testing and working of market and research surveys.

3. Although Internet data is vast and readily available understand that it is not enough to interpret results.

4. Understand Web Metrics. Learn to create web sites and apply Google Analytics to generate web metrics.

5. Put learning to good use by volunteering with Govt Aided Institutions to collect data and interpret them for social good. 

6. Understand the concept of Branding in Social Media and learn to Brand yourself and your organization and generate good leads and good-will. 

7. Use Visualization techniques to interpret your result and gain buy-in for your brand and your career growth.

8. Use Predictive Analytics in context of Social Media Analytics

This course is a Tri modal delivery course consisting of three aspects: 
1. Pre course preparation Webinars

2. In classroom sessions (at your office) 

3. Projects and Networking 

Contact +(91) 8459044764 to find out about the upcoming batch.